Quality and Sustainability

Hoops and Chains necklaces are made from the highest quality 316L stainless steel with PVD vacuum coated 18k gold plating. Our products look great, won't go green and are unlikely to cause skin allergies. 

The products won't fade, tarnish or lose colour - even in the shower, sea, pool, wearing while training or exposed to sweat and heat - our products are built to last and have a gorgeous natural gold aesthetic.

Our earrings are either made from Stainless Steel as well or are nickel free and have thick 18k gold plating so will last longer than comparable products. 


Stainless steel is a green product. It is 100% recyclable, as it is not coated with any toxic material it does not produce toxic run-off. 60-70% of raw stainless steel comes from recycled material. Increased efficiency in process technology has also decreased the amount of energy required to manufacture stainless steel. It has no detrimental effect to the soil or groundwater.

Our boxes and envelopes are environmentally conscious and can be recycled.